Option Selection Report – Volume 1 – Main Text & Appendices

Main Text

Appendix A – Stage 2 Option Selection Environmental Appraisal Report

Appendix B – Public Consultation Feedback Reports

Appendix C – Option Comparison Estimates (OCE)

Appendix D – Cost Benefit Analysis Report (CBA)

Appendix E – Traffic Modelling Report (TMR)

Appendix F – Stage F2 Road Safety Audit

Option Selection Report – Volume 2 – Drawings

Cover & Drawing Index

Constraints Study

Stage 1 Option Appraisal

Public Consultation 2: Stage 1 Option Selection

Stage 2 Option Appraisal

Emerging Preferred Route Corridor

Public Consultation 3: Stage 2 Option Selection

C-4 Route Corridor

Amendment to C-3 Route Corridor

Preferred Route Corridor

Preferred Route Corridor Leaflet

Stage 2 Option Selection

Virtual Exhibition Boards

Third non-statutory Public Consultation brochure

Route C3 on Aerial Photography

Route C3 on Discovery Mapping

Emerging Preferred Route – Route Option – C3

Feedback Form

Stage 1 Option Selection

Second non-statutory Public Consultation brochure

Environmental Constraints Sheet 1 of 2

Environmental Constraints Sheet 2 of 2

Stage 1 Feasible Route Corridors

Stage 2 Route Corridors

Stage 2 Route Corridors on Aerial Photography

Individual Route C Corridor

Individual Route C3 Corridor

Individual Route E Corridor

Individual Route F Corridor

Individual Route G Corridor

Individual Route J Corridor

Study Area & Constraints

First Non-statutory Public Consultation Brochure

Key Constraints on Aerial Photography

Key Constraints on Discovery Mapping

Key Constraints on Vector Mapping

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