Frequently Asked Questions

The Design Team are working remotely from offices where required in accordance with the Government guidance.  All site works being undertaken are being done so in accordance with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) COVID-19 protocols.

Whilst we expect the scheme to progress through to construction, the scheme will be subject to planning approvals from the planning authority (An Bord Pleanála) and subject to funding and government approvals

The TII Project Management Guidelines (PMG) informs the design process. The design phases are also outlined in our project consultation roadmap, please refer to the Publication Consultation Tab.

The Stage 2 route options were presented to the public at the non-statutory public consultation held in November 2019, where the public was invited to make submissions or comment on the study area and constraints. The project is currently in Phase 2: Options Selection and work is nearing completion on identifying the emerging preferred route.

Roscommon County Council Planning Department have the responsibility for planning and managing development within the County.  New planning applications within the vicinity of the Stage 2 Route Option Corridors may have an impact on the delivery of this future project. The design team will assess their impact and draw the attention of the planning authority to any potential conflicts.  Following publication of the preferred route, only planning applications in the vicinity of this route corridor will be assessed, allowing more flexibility for applications that would have been located on other routes.

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